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Jena Ageing Meeting, Jena, Germany

  • Friedrich Schiller University Jena Germany (map)

Aging is the single biggest risk factor for the development of organ dysfunction and diseases. Even though under debate, there is a strong association between stem division rates and declines in stem cell function possibly impinging on the selection of mutant stem cells in aging, impairments in tissue maintenance and disease development. There are several new therapeutic targets and basic concepts on the causes and consequences of stem cell and organism aging that will be discussed at this meeting.

Principal themes and objectives of the meeting

A unifying theme of this meeting will be the interaction of researchers that study basic principles of stem cell and tissue maintenance in aging. The meeting will focus on basic molecular and genetic processes that affect genetic and epigenetic stability, protein homeostasis, and metabolic processes thereby impairing the functionality and self renewal of stem cells, and organ maintenance.

The meeting will focus on basic mechanisms as well as innovative animal models and humanized models of aging. In addition, there will be fields such as stem cell niches and circulatory factors, developmental biology, cell plasticity, and clonal dominance. These processes all have tremendous impact on our understanding of organism aging.