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Principles of Chromosome Structure and Function, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

  • EMBL Heidelberg Germany (map)


  • Chromosome dynamics
  • Nuclear architecture
  • DNA transcription, replication and segregation
  • Hi-C and polymer modelling
  • Molecular mechanisms
  • Structural and functional imaging approaches
  • Genome integrity
  • Chromatin

Why attend?

This interdisciplinary symposium will highlight exciting new insights into the molecular principles that govern the functional framework of genomes in space and time. The meeting program will cover all levels of organisational complexity, from DNA to chromosomes, and in model systems ranging from bacteria to humans. A particular highlight will be the integration of discoveries made in different disciplines, including cell and molecular biology, biophysics, modelling, structural biology and biochemistry.


This symposium aims to bring together scientists from different disciplines working at the forefront of chromosome biology to discuss the most recent advances in the field. By combining efforts from biology, physics and chemistry, the programme will open new horizons for future research in this exciting area of the life sciences.