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Transformative discoveries in genome and cellular integrity

The Steve Jackson Laboratory

Transformative discoveries
in genome and cellular integrity  


Welcome to the Steve Jackson Laboratory

our laB & our mission..

Our goal is to make transformative discoveries that will provide important new insights into physiological processes, particularly those that maintain genome and cellular integrity.

Where possible, we will also explore how such insights can be translated towards better understanding, diagnosing and/or treating human disease, especially cancer. We employ a diversity of advanced techniques in our studies, and have a strong track record of using them in innovative new ways as well as in developing and applying new experimental approaches, often in collaboration with other scientists.

By providing an interactive, cooperative and stimulating research environment that nurtures independent thinking, our group serves as an excellent platform for personal and professional development, with many of our past trainees having already gone on to have successful careers in academia, industry and other vocations.

Steve Jackson's group currently comprises eight post-docs including a bioinformatician, seven graduate students, a lab manager, five research assistants including a bioinformatician, an information specialist, and a secretary.


Steve Jackson FRS, FMedSc

Steve Jackson FRS, FMedSci is the University of Cambridge Frederick James Quick and Cancer Research UK Professor of Biology.

He is also Head of Cancer Research UK Laboratories at the Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute.

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