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5th International Conference on Oncology and Research, Rome, Italy

Oncology is a multi-disciplinary field, which is in need of many interdisciplinary methods to prognose, diagnose and treat cancer. Cancer, which is plaguing many low and middle Income Countries, is the second leading cause of death as per W.H.O. It is not a single disease to combat. There are more than 200 types of cancers, which need different treatments. It is alarming to know that deaths from cancer are also due to behavioural and dietary risks, such as: high body mass index; low fruit and vegetable intake; lack of physical activity; and use of tobacco and alcohol. Hence, there is a need for inter-disciplinary search globally. The conference provides a platform for cancer researchers, clinicians, oncologists, academicians and young scientists from all over the world to meet, share, update and comprehend the major problems encountered in oncology.