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Gordon Research Seminar, "Genome Maintenance: Mechanisms of Repair, Consequences of Failure for Human Disease and Opportunities for Therapeutic Intervention", Ventura, California, USA

  • Four Points Sheraton Ventura USA (map)

The Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Mammalian DNA repair is a unique forum for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, representing a broad range of expertise and interests, to present and exchange new data and leading-edge ideas. The meeting will take place in a relaxed and highly engaging environment aimed to empower young scientists to communicate ideas among their peers, and will also include opportunities to network and interact with invited experts and senior scientists from various career paths and stages of professional development.

This Mammalian DNA Repair GRS will bring together early career scientists studying the cellular DNA signalling and repair mechanisms that maintain genome stability. Our genome is constantly being damaged from external and internal sources. To combat this, and to prevent genome instability, cells have evolved a multitude of efficient DNA repair pathways that detect, signal and repair DNA damage. The importance of these DNA repair pathways is highlighted by the existence of numerous human diseases that are associated with mutations in DNA repair factors. This meeting will encourage stimulating discussions on unpublished research and recent developments in the field of mammalian DNA repair, particularly highlighting new successes new opportunities, and also discussing the consequences associated with a failure to respond and/or repair DNA damage.