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EMBO Workshop "DNA Replication, Chromosome Segregation and Fate Decisions", Kyllini, Greece

  • OLYMPIA RIVIERA RESORT Loutra Killinis, Peloponnese Greece (map)

Bringing together scientists working with eukaryotes, bacteria and archaea, and employing interdisciplinary methodological approaches, this EMBO Workhshop aims to decipher the common pathways which ensure genome maintenance during the cell division cycle of all organisms and how they may affect cell fate choices.

Topics will include:

  • Replication origins
  • Replisome structure and function
  • Replication-transcription collisions and arrested forks
  • Replication timing
  • DNA and chromosome dynamics
  • 3D nuclear organization, chromatin structure and epigenetic regulation
  • Chromosome condensation and cohesion
  • Chromosome segregation mechanisms and regulation
  • Coordination of replication and segregation
  • Links with cell fate choices