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Ubiquitin Signaling, Tahoe City, CA, USA

  • Granlibakken Tahoe Tahoe City USA (map)

Scientific Organizers: David Komander and Sylvie Urbé

These are exciting times for ubiquitin research: potential targets for small molecule inhibitors are emerging in a variety of human diseases and being exploited by the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time new enzymes regulating ubiquitin modifications are still being discovered, and the complexity of ubiquitin modifications continues to increase with the emerging cross-talk between post-translational modifications. This meeting will focus on the latest insights in the large area of cellular regulation mediated by ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modifiers. Key goals are to provide overviews and updates on emerging frontiers, inform on new developments to understand the complexity, and encourage efforts to exploit the system to provide new treatments for human diseases. Rather than being organized around key enzymes in the cascade, sessions will focus on biological areas, ensuring a balanced mix of mechanistic and physiology aspects. The meeting will feature both key opinion-leaders on ubiquitination who are known to present unpublished results and leading researchers from peripheral fields who will contribute new ideas. A short selection of company-associated academic speakers will provide insights into the translational opportunities in this area.