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FEBS Workshop: Nucleotide excision repair and crosslink repair - from molecules to mankind

  • Smolenice Castle Smolenice Slovakia (map)

This workshop, will bring together up to a maximum of one hundred scientists to discuss our current understanding of how protein machines assemble and sort through genomic DNA for specific damaged sites which are repaired through nucleotide excision repair or inter-strand crosslink repair. Many endogenous agents, environmental toxins and chemotherapeutic agents cause DNA damage that is repaired through these two pathways. DNA damage recognition and repair is a dynamic process that spans time scales over several orders of magnitudes and the study of which uses a wide range of tools, including: molecular dynamics, NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, light and atomic force microscopy through to genetics, classic biochemistry and confocal in vivo imaging techniques. The workshop will move from molecules to man and include a discussion of several syndromes associated with premature aging and cancer and caused by poor repair of these damaged substrates.