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Cambridge International Rare DIsease Summit

This year’s Summit revolves around “Re-imagining the Patient Journey”, seeking to create a forum that brings together all rare disease stakeholders in a spirit of collaboration, innovation and passion to re-imagine and re-invent the rare disease patient journey.

We have listened closely to the excellent feedback from delegates in 2016 to bring more powerful patient stories, tracing the journey from early symptoms through their odyssey to diagnosis and their successful patient group, clinician and pharma collaborations leading to clinical trials and hope for future treatment pathways.

Anchored by powerful patient voices, this one-day conference will explore:

  • Rare disease patient journeys from symptoms through to treatment
  • Empowering the patient revolution
  • Data mining and management
  • Pharma 'adopting' a rare disease
  • Drug re-purposing and matching
  • Gene therapy
  • Local rare disease research and projects